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Master Class

During March and April 2013 we have held a few FREE Master Classes to introduce ThetaHealing® to Cape Town. As Craig is now working on projects outside of South Africa, the next series of Master Classes will be held as FREE WEBINARS for you to view.
If you are interested please complete your details in the form below and we will let you know when the next Webinars will be made available for you to view.

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Focusing on the ability to help people with issues they faced and continue to face, a number of FREE Consultations were offered to people within Cape Town. You can request a consultation from the ThetaPrinciple team. Just let us know by using the option on the top right hand side of this page.

Zone Radio - Life Zone Interview

On Sunday 5th of May, Craig was interview by Alain Howes from Life Zone. To listen to the interview please (follow this link)

Training Course

In May, the first Basic DNA course was run for ThetaPrinciple in Cape Town. A video Testimonial will be available soon for you to listen to from one of the students. More courses will be scheduled for later this year.