This is the second step on gaining a basic understanding of the ThetaHealing Technique. In this seminar you start to work on more advanced topics, and you learn how to consolidate the foundation work you did in the Basic DNA Practitioners seminar, and you start to master the ThetaHealing Technique.

Are you joining us ?

Some of the topics and excericises you will work through are:

  • How to work through your own subconscious blocks with ease
  • How to open and clear you psychic & energy centres
  • How to clear old vows / commitments / soul contracts etc. that hold you back
  • How to clear free floating memories from emotional / mental / physical traumas. (Including events such as sexual abuse / surgeries etc.)
  • Learn advanced techniques for manifestation
  • Understand and learn how to release fear, and the 3 R's (Resentment / Regret / Rejection)
  • More in-depth details on the 7 planes of existence
  • ... and more

By the end of the 3 days, you will master additional techniques and will have a far more comprehensive understanding of the use of the ThetaHealing Technique works. 

This seminar starts in ...