ThetaHealing Practitioner Seminar :

Growing Your Relationships (Part 1)

You & Your Significant Other

£ 336.00

February 19, 20, 21, 22 (evenings)

Central London - United Kingdom

Delivered by : Craig Koekemoer

Times : Evenings from 19:00 - 23:00

Language : English (with possible alternatives - eg. Russian. Please enquire)

Includes : Practitioners Manual, Certification & Refreshments

Payment Options : PayPal / Bank Transfer (to a Barclays UK Bank account). For any other options please contact Craig directly to enquire. (PayPal payments will be run through our Russian PayPal account at 26'000 Rubles which is equivalent to £336.00 as of 10 Jan 2018).

Pre-Requisites : Basic DNA Practitioners, Advanced DNA Practitioners, Dig Deeper Practitioners

Do I need to be in a relationship before I can attend this seminar ?

In 2016, Vianna Stibal delivered the first ever practitioners seminar for Growing Your Relationships. Part 1 which focuses on the relationship between you and your significant other, was designed on helping you understand what the essential things are to make your relationship stronger. 

There is no need to be in a relationship to attend this seminar. And no - you do not need to attend the seminar with your significant other. 

The idea is that if you know what you need to work on, then you can grow the relationship right from the beginning. It will also help you find the things that matter when you do start dating someone. If you know before you start, then you will have a better understanding of what you like and what you don't like.

If you are in a relationship, then maybe now you will get a chance to find some new information that will make your relationship even stronger.

Above: Here I am with my wife, in St Petersburg in Russia, at one of Vianna's seminars.


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In 2012 I met my future wife in London, at the time I was working 24/7 and she was studying English. This was before I got involved in the ThetaHealing Technique (and to let you in on a big secret - we could barely understand each other on our first date!). In 2014 we decided to make a committment to each other, which was the first year that Vianna visited St Petersburg in Russia to deliver her seminars. In 2015 we asked Vianna if she would consider coming to Russia with her new Growing Your Relationships seminar, and in 2016 she released the first ever Growing Your Relationships Practitioners seminar in Russia. We were super excited when she agreed to release the first ever Instructors seminar in Russia in 2017.

The lessons I have learnt in the past few years have been tremendous, and they are all part of who I am and what I believe in. To be able to grow a relationship is super challenging, to be able to keep a relationship on a good standing is hard work - dont let anyone fool you. And the rewards! Well they will speak for themselves!

Now is your opportunity to learn some of the lessons I have learnt, so that you too may be able to find that special someone and grow the relationship into something meaningful, something lasting, something special.