ThetaHealing Practitioner Seminar :

Growing Your Relationships (Part 2)

You & God

£ 336.00

February 24, 25 (daytime)

Central London - United Kingdom

Delivered by : Craig Koekemoer

Times : Daytime from 09:30 - 17:30

Language : English (with possible alternatives - eg. Russian. Please enquire)

Includes : Practitioners Manual, Certification & Refreshments

Payment Options : PayPal / Bank Transfer (to a Barclays UK Bank account). For any other options please contact Craig directly to enquire. (PayPal payments will be run through our Russian PayPal account at 26'000 Rubles which is equivalent to £336.00 as of 10 Jan 2018).

Pre-Requisites : Basic DNA Practitioners, Advanced DNA Practitioners, Dig Deeper Practitioners

Do I need to have completed Part 1 (You & Your Significant Other) to be able to attend this seminar ? No. You can take this seminar without having attended Part 1.

This is the latest seminar created by Vianna Stibal, following on the success of the first part - You and Your Significant Other.

The seminar will be released for the first time on the 4th of February 2018 in Cancun in Mexico. 

Understand your divine self and your survival subconscious. The difference of the Creators voice verses your ego. What is truth verses fear.
In class you will truly get to know yourself your motivations . You will learn to know true intuition verse being led by what you want to happen.

Above: Here I am with my wife, in St Petersburg in Russia, at one of Vianna's seminars.


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One of the biggest challenges we face is to be able to understand the difference between a true connection to creator and that little voice that we sometime call our own ego. Our intuition is very often sidetracked when we allow our ego to take control of what we do. Do we really need to do something or is it fear that is driving our ego to make the choices in terms of what we do.

The lessons I have learnt in London, where ego can sometimes get the better of a person, is something that fits into this seminar so precisely. It is understanding the differences, and then being able to recognise when we are taking the wrong option. Come and join me where I will share some very practical tips and advice, directly from the first ever seminar of Growing Your Relationships Part 2, from Cancun in Mexico where this seminar will be released. 

And be shure to watch this space!