ThetaHealing Practitioner Seminar :

World Relations

руб 30'400
(Rubles) (price valid until 16 May 2018)

2-6 June 2018 (daytime)

St Petersburg - Russia

Delivered by : Craig Koekemoer

Times : Daytime from 09:30 - 17:30

Language : English & Russian (Russian interpretation provided free of charge)

Includes : Practitioners Manual, Certification & Refreshments

Payment Options : PayPal / Bank Transfer (to a Russian Bank account). For any other options please contact Craig directly to enquire.

Pre-Requisites : Basic DNA Practitioners, Advanced DNA Practitioners, Dig Deeper Practitioners

Can you really afford to continue your existence, creating conflict with others, and not understand why you create it ?

If I told you that there is a direct relationship between abundance in all areas of your life, and the way that your beliefs will impact that abundance, I am sure you would agree. 

The focus that you need to take is to find out where these issues are created, where do they come from, why do you create that conflict with others.
And it is not as simple as saying "I don't like that person ..." - as more often than not it comes down to a beleif created due to stereotype, due to history, due to things your ancestors experienced, and due to some form of prejudice you have but can not explain why!

This seminar is definitely a changing point for your life, and will produce results you never thought possible !

Above: Here I am with my wife, in St Petersburg in Russia, at one of Vianna's seminars.


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If I trace my family origins I can shout for 7 different countries when it comes to the football world cup. But did you know that close to the end of the 1800's my ancestors were in serious conflict with each other ? The Afrikaans 'Boers' had a war with the English 'Rooinekke' in Southern Africa, to control a country endowed with gold, diamonds and many other natural treasures.

Of course if I consider the 1970's and 1980's when South Africa was involved in conflict in Angola and Nambia (which used to be governed by South Africa) - then the geopolitics of the time meant that South Africa was being indirectly backed by the USA through other 3rd party countries, and Angola was indirectly backed by Russia through other 3rd party countries too. That alone meant that as a South African I was in indirect conflict with Russia.

In 2012 I met Natalia, a beautiful Russian, and within 2 years we had married. We had found a way to get over the historical conflict, to see past the veil of sceptisim and mistrust. There were still beleifs associated with our individual countries past, with the geopolitics of the 1970's and 1980's, and we managed to work through these beleifs.

World Relations is exactly as it says - it offers you the opportunity to work on issues that you have inherited from the past, or that you have created due to the politics of country, race, ethnicity or religion. It is a journey into working on the fear, the prejudice, the misconception. And it allows you to remove the obstacles that prevent so much abundance in multiple areas of your life.

It truly is a stepping stone to obtain freedom from past conflicts and issues. It is a way of digging into the beleifs, the stereotypes and the myths about others which form prejudice towards those who truly could be part of our abundance.

Take this opportunity to learn some of the lessons I have learnt, to clear some of the beliefs I have cleared, to move foward in a manner that helps rather than prevents. And in doing so, I hope that I can help to guide you through a truly magical experience - the experience of World Relations.


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