T’s & C’s

the ThetaPrinciple team would like to remind you that Terms & Conditions apply to anything that you will purchase or buy, and these are to ensure you get the best benifit from anything your purchase from us:

1. Courses:

1.1 Introduction.

1.1.1 A course is for the purpose of you as the client to learn, practice/participate and understand ThetaHealing®.
1.1.2 A course is only booked, paid and attended by one person, which will be you as the client.
1.2.3 A course can not be booked and paid for, for another person. The reason behind this is that ThetaHealing® is something that someone must want to participate in.

1.2 Time limits / durations.

1.2.1 Each course will be set out for a specific time / duration. This could be a number of hours (in one day) or over a number of days.
1.2.2 Courses will start strictly at the time set for the course. Please make sure you give yourself enough time to account for delays to your journey as a result of public transport etc.
1.2.3 Any course run over a number of days, will be run on consequtive days.
1.2.4 Any combination package of courses, could have a time break inbetween 2 different courses.

1.3 Validity of course / course packages.

1.3.1 You can purchase a course / course package for any time in the future, obviously depending on the availability of the instructor, and your time constraints.
1.3.2 Any course / course package paid for, will be for a speficic date, and can not be exchanged or extended to a different date, unless agreed to by the ThetaPrinciple team.
1.3.3 Course / course packages paid for must be completed within 6 months of purchase.
1.3.4 Only where specifically stated and agreed to by the ThetaPrinciple team, can a course / course package be purchased for a date which is later than 6 months from the purchase date.

1.4 Types of Courses.

1.4.1 Courses are held at a physical location and you as the client will be required to attend it in person.
1.4.2 Course type table:

Course Type Specifics
ThetaHealing® A course which is run and delivered in accordance to the requirements of the ThetaHealing® controlling organisation (THInK®). This course is certified through THInK®.
MasterClass A course which is designed to give you as the ThetaHealer practitioner a more in depth insight into specific topics within ThetaHealing®. (This is not a certified course - thus no certification is offered)
NON-ThetaHealing® course A course which has been designed to give you as the participant an insight into a specific topic or subject. These courses (depending on where delivered) could be certified (with examination or attendance requirements).

1.5 Cancellations / Refunds.

1.5.1 Once paid for, a cancellation for a course / course package can only be made if received by the ThetaPrincple team with a minimum of 4 days notice.
1.5.2 No cancellations will be accepted if made less than 4 days before the start of the course.
1.5.3 If a deposit is paid for a specific course / course package, then the deposit becomes non-refundable.
1.5.4 If an alternative course is not available within 6 months of the scheduled course that you as the client has cancelled your attendance to, then a refund of 50% of the course fee paid will be given. The 50% of the course fee that will not be refunded will include the desosit paid by you (if any).
1.5.5 If the ThetaPrinciple team can not hold the course / course package (as scheduled) then you will be given the option to book yourself onto the next available course / course package within a 6 month period.
1.5.6 If the ThetaPrinciple team can not accomodate you on a next course / course package (after we have cancelled the course / course package), or if you can not be accomodated on a course / course package within 6 months from when you paid for the course, then you will be refunded the full amount paid by you to the ThetaPrinciple team.

1.6 Course Location / Facilities.

1.6.1 Each course will be set within a specific geographical location (such as London / Cape Town etc.)
1.6.2 The exact location of the course will be determined by the size of the class (number of participants)
1.6.3 The location where the course is held will have sufficient facilities for you as the participant to make coffee and tea.
1.6.4 Where possible the course location will be somewhere easily accesable by public transport. Where there is difficulty in reaching the location of the course by public transport, you will be given notice beforehand and suitable alternatives will be arranged for transport to and from the course.
1.6.5 The final location of the course will be made available to you at least 7 days prior to the start of the course.
1.6.6 The ThetaPrinciple team reserve the right to change the location of the course to accomodate any changes due to participant numbers, insufficient facilities at the course location, or last minute problems which prevent a course from being held at a specific location.

We at the ThetaPrinciple team will take and make every effort possible to make your course as enjoyable as possible.
You as the client and the practitioner must come to our courses with an open mind and be ready for some positive life changing possibilities.

2. Consultations:

2.1 Introduction.

2.1.1 A consultation is a special time period for you as the client, and it needs to be as free from outside interruptions and breaks as possible. For the ThetaHealer to be able to do the best possible work with you as the client, the ThetaHealer will try to limit the chances of any outside interruptions or breaks.
2.1.2 A consultation is between you as the client and the ThetaHealer, and you can not include others into the consultation, as this is not the purpose of ThetaHealing consultations.

2.2 Time limits / durations.

2.2.1 You will be given a set time limit per consultation. This is determined when you purchase a consultation package.
2.2.2 Time limits are set to 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length.
2.2.3 You can if you want, combine 2 x 30 minute consultations into a 1 hour combined consultation. The maximum limit to a single sitting is set to 1 hour (60 minutes in total) as the consultation will make you feel tired and unable to focus after around 60 minutes.

2.3 Validity of consultation / consultation packages.

2.3.1 You can purchase a consultation / consultation package for any time in the future, obviously depending on the availability of the ThetaHealer, and your time constraints.
2.3.2 The date and time of the consultation / first consultation in the consultation package, will be agreed to between you as the client and the ThetaHealer.
2.3.3 Consultation packages need to be completed within a set time frame. This time frame will start from the date of the first consultation within the package.
2.3.4 Validity table:

Type of Consultation Details
1 within 3 months of purchase
2 to 3 within 2 weeks of 1st consultation
4 to 5 within 4 weeks of 1st consultation
7 or more within 6 weeks of 1st consultation

2.4 Types of Consultation.

2.4.1 Consultations are held either in person or via Skype (internet conference).
2.4.2 Consultation type table:

Consultation Type Specifics
SKYPE A Skype consulation gives you as the client the opportunity to hold the consultation from the comfort of your home or office.
It will be your responsibility to make sure that you do not have any interruptions during the consultation.
If you are expecting an important / emergency telephone call, please advise the ThetaHealer before the consultation starts, and agree with the ThetaHealer what will happen if you receive an emergency telephone call.
In Person A Personal consultation will give you and the ThetaHealer the chance to work together in person.
The location of the personal consultation will be agreed on between you and the ThetaHealer, and will be as far as possible a location which offers a certain amount of privacy to conduct the consultation without interruptions, but also so as to ensure both your safety and the safety of the ThetaHealer.

2.5 Cancellations / Refunds.

2.5.1 Once purchased a consultation can not be refunded (unless under condition 2.6 below).
2.5.2 If a date and time have been set for a consultation, you can change this date and time as long as you do this at least 24 hours before the consultation is set for.
2.5.3 Please note that if a consultation is not cancelled with at least 24 hours notice, the consultation will be forfeited by you as the client.
2.5.4 If the ThetaHealer can not perform the consultation, you will be given at least 24 hours notice and a new time and date for the consultation will be agreed with between you as the client and the ThetaHealer.


2.6.1 Each ThetaHealer (representative of the ThetaPrinciple team) has the right to refuse a consultation.
2.6.2 Refusal of consultation is not decided upon lightly, but will be based on the first 5 minutes of initial discussion between the ThetaHealer and you as the client.
2.6.3 If you are refused a consultation, you will be refunded the fee paid for the consultation / consultation package.