In 2012 I was introduced to the modality called "ThetaHealing", which we now refer to as the ThetaHealing Technique. The starting point of this modality was the USA with a truly inspiring woman - Vianna Stibal.

From its beginnings to where it is now it has taken a great journey through many countries and touched many people in different ways.

The essance is that it provides a way for you to delve into the subconcious beliefs we hold in our minds, and to find out what is going on inside our supercomputer (also known as our brain).

The ThetaHealing Technique is not a religion, it is not a philosophy. It is the art of spiritual, mental and emotional wellbeing - and in turn is has a tremendous impact on the physical body. was created as a starting point in my own journey, as a portal to showcase my own understanding of the ThetaHealing Technique. Along the way many things have changed, and I have met many people in my travels around the globe.

The most impressive thing is that now, I am able to find ThetaHealers in most parts of the world that I travel to, with relative ease. And I do travel extensively - most of it related to my work and efforts with the ThetaHealing Technique.

The new direction for is to become a portal for you to find out more about the ThetaHealing Technique, and other directions of study which will enhance your personal growth.

With regards to information about the ThetaHealing Technique - It will not replace the main website - as that is not the intention. If you visit the main website you can find other ThetaHealers in your area, and you can also find out more about current seminars, those run by Vianna Stibal and those run by other ThetaHealing Instructors.

The ThetaHealing Technique is by far the fastest method I know, to discover subconscious beliefs in your mind, so that you get to the point of self-realisation, which inturn enables you to make instantaneous changes to the beliefs that make you who you truly are.

Craig Koekemoer

Country Events Co-Ordinator & Country Information Communicator for ThetaHealing in Russia