The ThetaHealing Technique and Vianna Stibal

The ThetaHealing Technique and Vianna Stibal

Founder of the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge

Vianna Stibal created the ThetaHealing Technique in the 90's, and there are some pretty amazing stories to go with what happened in the early days of ThetaHealing in the USA. It soon started to spread across the globe and today she runs the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge in Bigfork, in Montana, the USA.

Vianna runs Instructor seminars across the globe, where those who have completed a ThetaHealing Practitioners seminar, can attend and improve their knowledge and skills in the ThetaHealing Technique under her guidance.

The technique allows a ThetaHealing Practitioner to use a specific meditation to obtain intuitive insight about someone, and then to use specifically designed processes to work through the beliefs held in the subconcious mind, to effect change. Vianna has experience of many sessions where she has helped people with many different types of needs, from emotional release to illness and disease.


*** Please note *** the information shared below is a summary of information that you will be able to find either from, or from speaking to any official representative of THInK (the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowlegde). From time to time this information might change, so no accuracy of this information can be garunteed. It is always best to speak to someone from THInK to get an official answer to any of your questions. With the information below we are giving you a summary of some of the most asked questions and the answers we have received in the past. We are not authorised to provide any official representation for THInK nor any of their employees, however this information can help shed some light on some of the questions you might have.


A consultation is the simplest form of experiencing the ThetaHealing Technique. It involves making an appointment with a ThetaHealer, and then either attending in person or connecting via something like Skype to do the consultation.

In most cases the first consultation is an introduction into what the ThetaHealing Technique is about, how it works, and what are the guidelines and principles that are used when working with someone.

Consultations could last a few minutes to close to an hour or a little more, and you could get results from 1 consultation or a number of consultations, depending on what issues you find or what programs and beliefs you are ready to work with during the session.

Seminar (Practitioners / Instructors)

A seminar is where you find out how to apply the ThetaHealing Technique to yourself or to someone else. There is no hypnosis during a session, and during the seminars you find out that you are always in control, and that there is a strong importance placed on free will. You decide which programs and beliefs you are willing to change.

Practitioner seminars help you understand the basic concepts for a range of subjects and belief systems. And at the end of a pracitioner seminar you can utilise the knowledge you have gained in your consultation sessions with clients.

Instructor seminars give you the knowledge and some additional skills in terms of how to run your own practitioner seminars. The best time to learn more is when you share you knowledge, and then you know the subject matter better and better each time.


This is a term used to describe someone who has completed the ThetaHealing Basic DNA Practitioners seminar, and someone who has an understanding of the ThetaHealing Technique.

ThetaHealing Master

A ThetaHealer who has completed a certain number of seminars, both practitioner and instructor, is allowed to call themselves a ThetaHealing Master

ThetaHealing Instructor

This term refers to someone who has completed the Basic DNA Instructors Seminar, and most often also the Advanced DNA Instructors seminar. This allows the ThetaHealer to run the practitioner seminars for which they have been licensed after completing the relevant instructors seminars

ThetaHealing Certificate of Science

This indicates that a ThetaHealer has completed a large number of seminars, including becoming an Instructor and a ThetaHealing Master. It is a significant recognition of the time and effort someone has put into learning the ThetaHealing Technique.

ThetaHealing Practitioner Seminar

A seminar created by Vianna Stibal, founder of the ThetaHealing Technique. The Basic DNA Practitioners and the Advanced DNA Practitioners seminars are the foundation blocks of becoming a ThetaHealer.

ThetaHealing Instructor Seminar

A seminar that is created by Vianna Stibal, which gives you license to run a specific practitioners seminar. In the case of an Elective Instructor seminar, the seminar has been created by someone else, and has been approved by the board of directors for THInK to become a ThetaHealing Elective Instructor seminar. (All Instructor seminars will be run by Vianna Stibal, or by Vianna and the creator of the ThetaHealing Elective Seminar, or by someone approved by Vianna Stibal.) ** At this time there are only two other people approved to run Instructor seminars on their own - Joshua Stibal and Brandy Opfar. **

ThetaHealing Elective Seminar

An elective seminar, has been created by someone else, and submitted to the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge, for acceptance by the board of Directors. Once approved, the elective seminar can be delivered with the approval of THInK and can be called a ThetaHealing Elective Seminar.

Other (Non-Approved Seminars)

There are many people who attempt to take advantage of the ThetaHealing Technique, and attempt to run their own seminars without approval from THInK. Although some of these seminars are really good, they are not allowed to run the seminars and use any ThetaHealing Teachniques in the seminars, or use any copyrighted materials in their seminars. If someone says their seminar is a ThetaHealing Seminar, check out the list of electives on the official website, and if their seminar is listed then it truly is a ThetaHealing seminar.

Who is THInK

THInK is short for "ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge" which is based in Montana in the USA. It is the company setup to manage and run all matters relating to the ThetaHealing Technique. The owner of THInK is Vianna Stibal, who is also the creator of the ThetaHealing Technique. THInK is managed and supported by Vianna, her husband Guy and a number of other people in Montana, some of who are family to Vianna and Guy. There is a "Board of Directors" who assist with making some of the decisions, and they have a great support team helping with legal, admin and IT matters.

Consultations (Sessions) :

How long is a consultation / session ?

Consultations should be between 30 minutes to 90 minutes. Average consultations (also called sessions) last between 45 to 60 minutes each.

How many do I need ?

This varies from person to person. If you are ready for a breakthrough in the first session it will happen. If not it could take a few sessions.

How much do they cost ?

There is no standard fee that is suggested by THInK. It depends on a number of things (including the ThetaHealers skill level, experience, qualifications, demand etc.). Anything from $30 USD to $200 USD is an average price for sessions between 45 to 60 minutes each.

What are your rates ?

Please go to "How to learn more" where you can view more specific details.

Who can do a consultation / session with me ?

The basic requirements are that anyone using the ThetaHealing Technique to help others should have completed a Basic DNA Practitioners seminar - in person and not online. It is alwasy a good idea to make sure that the person running the consultation has more skills and experience.

How does  a consultation work ?

You are the client, and you will give the ThetaHealer an idea of what you want to work on. Then you sit down in a comfortable environment that is safe. The ThetaHealer will ask you a few questions, and then start with the session. You will be allowed to stop the session at any time. The ThetaHealer will work through a meditation with you, and then ask specific questions to help you find the subconcious beliefs that are within your mind. The session will attempt to find what is called a bottom belief - which is the core building block of many of our subconcious beliefs. Then the ThetaHealer will work with you to get you to a point of "self realisation" which allows you to understand why you created that belief in the first place. From there you as the client decide what you want to do - either to keep the belief or to work on it and change it.

Is there any hypnosis ?

No. At no point during a ThetaHealing session will you be put under hypnosis of any form. You are alwasy able to say no to anything, so you do not lose any control at any stage.

Do I need to be of a specific religion or faith ?

No. The ThetaHealing Technique is not a religion, and it does not require you to have any specific religion or faith belief.

Is the consultation recorded or taped ?

No. The ThetaHealer will not write down a record of the session and you will not be recorded on video or audio tape. You have the option of recording your own session if you like and if the ThetaHealer agrees to.

What is the difference between a clinical / medical consultation and a ThetaHealing session / consultation?

In medical or clinical consultations - normally a diagnosis is made by the medical practitioner. In a ThetaHealing session there is no diagnosis. The aim is not to diagnose something. The aim is however to help the client (you) to find out what is going on and why.


Practitioner Seminars :

How long is a practitioner seminar ?

If you visit and look for more information about the different seminars, you will find that each seminar is designed to take a specific amount of time. Some seminars run across 1 or even 1/2 a day, others take between 5 days to 15 days to complete.

What is the length of the seminar each day ?

The guided hours are from 5.5 seminar hours per day. This excludes coffee breaks and lunch etc. If a seminar is run in the evenings it could be split across multiple evenings as long as the overall length of the seminar is the same as the guided days.

How much does a seminar cost ?

There is a guided price for each seminar applied to all pracitioner seminars anywhere in the world. Depending on which country, the pricing has been adjusted according to the cost of living, typical expenses to run the seminar and the echange rate to the US Dollar.

So how much ?

At the time of writing this post a Basic DNA Practitioners seminar in the USA would be around $400 USD and in Russia between 16'000 to 17'000 Rubles.

What do I get when attending the seminar ?

Each seminar has a different requirement for the Seminar Instructor to deliver to you. Mostly you will get a manual, in some a book, and you will always be given an official ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge certificate in recognition of completing the seminar.

What do I learn in a seminar ?

In all pracitioner seminars you will learn how to deal with different belief systems. It is a requirement that you practice dealing with beliefs in every seminar. The Basic DNA practitioner seminar will teach you the essential basics of the ThetaHealing Technique. The Advanced DNA practitioner seminar will cover some more advanced topics. From there you will need to look at the official description of each seminar at to find out more about each seminar.

Are seminars taught on the internet ?

No. There are currently no INTERNET based seminars. THInK will not allow anyone to run a ThetaHealing seminar across the internet - it all has to be done in person, face to face. It is not possible at this stage to complete any of the seminar topics online, as it requires practical work that needs to be completed and checked by the seminar instructor.

Who is allowed to run seminars ?

Each seminar requires a ThetaHealing practitioner to complete a ThetaHealing Instructors seminar before they can run the practitioner seminar. To find out which seminars a person is licensed to run, please visit their profile on There are a few people who have in the past modified the ThetaHealing Technique information and run thier own versions of the seminars, however those were never approved by THInK.

If I attend a non approved ThetaHealing seminar, will this be bad for me ?

It is possible that someone who has not attended the required seminars by THInK and who has created their own seminar without THInK approval - it is possible that they might include something into the seminar which is not safe for you as the practitioner. Merging other techniques or modalities with the ThetaHealing Technique could create a very bad situation where conflict or other serious issues could occur.

Are all of the ThetaHealing seminars safe ?

Yes. All ThetaHealing seminars have been created with safety in mind. For this reason, you will never find any ThetaHealer advising you to go against the advice of a medical professional. Only if a ThetaHealer is a medical professional with the appropriate license and qualifications, will they give you any medical advice.

Can I attend a ThetaHealing seminar if I am pregnant ?

We are always advised that anyone within the first trimester of pregnancy should avoid attending a ThetaHealing seminar. This is purely because the risk of something going wrong is the greatest within the first trimester. It is always a good idea to consult a medical professional (your doctor etc.) if you are pregnant and want to attend a ThetaHealing seminar.

Can I pay for someone else to attend the seminar ?

Of course you can pay. However there is one important thing to remember. If the person does not want to attend the seminar you should never force them to attend. It is after all a basic principle of the ThetaHealing Technique that we all have a free will and therefor we should all be able to decide what we do.

Online vs Offline :

There is always this huge discussion going on about Online vs Offline training, seminars and consultations / sessions. So let me share my own viewpoint on this.

Online vs Offline seminars :

If you run a seminar online it allows the seminar to be recorded with relative ease. If it can be recorded by anyone, then with a little bit of effort they can edit it, and upload the seminar to YouTube or another website to be shared with others. Any edited seminar, or even unedited seminar, which is available online, can be viewed and accessed by anyone irrespective of their state of mind, their age, or their current condition. So the safety net is then taken away.

Because the ThetaHealing Technique works with belief systems, there are certain times when a person should not be allowed to either attend a seminar or take a session or consultation with a ThetaHealer. For example, a woman within the first trimester of her pregnancy, is at a very risky time period. Or, someone under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol - should never be allowed to take part as the drugs or alcohol in the persons system will interfere with the intended aims of the ThetaHealing Technique, thus creating the potential for something to go wrong during the session. Imagine someone on cocainne, who is addicted to cocainne, and who drops down from a high or who is on the start of a high. Their agression or depression levels will interfere with the session or the seminar, and could result in some serious issues. Alcohol for example, has an adverse effect on the brain, and interferes with normal brain functionality. This means that responses could be delayed and could also effect the session adversley.

If you run an online seminar then the ability to identify some of these types of situations is severely limited.

By definition, the ThetaHealing Instructor needs to make sure the person attending the seminar completes all the excercises, and takes part in the relevant practical work. So when the seminar is run offline (in other words in a room where people are in physical proximatey to each other) then the ThetaHealing Instructor has the ability to implement all of the safeguards and all of the ThetaHealing Technique protocols as required by THInK.

Just think of the technical requirements if you had 30 people attending a seminar online. You would need 30 windows on your computer screen to make sure everyone is completing the required excercises. And if you had to make sure everyone understands, then how much more complicated would an online seminar be. The margin for error increases and the risks do too. So for now, online seminars for ThetaHealing is something I dont think should ever be allowed. The risks are not worth it.

Online vs Offline sessions / consultations : 

Here it becomes much easier and simpler as you are only working with one person at a time.

To complete a session or a consultation does not require you to be in the same physical location. It is nicer to be at the same place, as the person can get the human interaction they might need from you. A small hug can go a long way to helping someone through a difficult process. Skype allows you to be many miles away, and because you can see each other it is possible to watch for certain facial expressions etc to see what is going on with the client. The only draw back is of course that if you do a session online, then you wont be able to really know if the person is under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol before you start.

Online sessions means that both of you do not have to travel anywhere, so you can do it from the comfort of your own home, as long as the internet speed is sufficient. It also gives you more time to do the session than spending time travelling somewhere.

THInK allows ThetaHealers to do Skype or other types of online sessions for their clients, so it is an accepted method that can be used. You can even do a session by phone call! Now thats neat!

Non-ThetaHealing Workshops / Seminars
From time to time we will also run or facilitate non-ThetaHealing workshops or seminars.

Some of the seminars or workshops we run include:
- Crystal Viewing of the Soul
- Remote Viewing
- Psychology of Relationships

There are also other non-ThetaHealing workshops or seminars, and we provide more information about them in the pages on this website which are specifically dedicated to them.

PLEASE NOTE : None of these additional seminars or workshops are authorised as elective seminars by THInK. So that means that they will not have any ThetaHealing related content within them. We make a clear distinction between those seminars which are part of the ThetaHealing Technique list of seminars, and those which are not.