My journey with the ThetaHealing Technique began in 2012 when I met my wife. I was working in London, and I lived the life of allowing my job to dictate my lifestyle. At the time I was working no less than 45 hours a week, sometimes pushing that up to 70 hours a week depending on what events were happening in London. Natalia suggested that I look into ThetaHealing, and of course the natural response was "Ok that sounds interesting ..."

Apr 2012
Met my wife in London whilst I was working long hours, crazy shifts and risky jobs

Jul 2012
My wife (then my girlfriend) suggested I look into ThetaHealing

Nov 2012
Terminated my contract in London, and decided to take a new direction in life

Dec 2012
Went to Thailand with my wife on holiday

Jan 2013
Found a Basic & Advanced DNA Practitioner seminar in Thailand, so decided to take the plunge and find out more

Feb 2013
Decided to visit India and take my Basic & Adanced Instructors seminars with Vianna Stibal

Mar 2013
Did my first ever ThetaHealing  consultation - what a memory. The 2nd session a few days later hit the jackpot

Jul 2013
Completed Rainbow Children with Vianna Stibal, in Idaho Falls, USA. My first trip to the USA

Oct 2013
Explored and took the Game of Life Practitioners in London with Hiroyuki Miyazaki - things started to get interesting

Feb 2014
Took part in the first ever Family Ties seminar in Russia with Daniel and Reiko Samos, in St Petersburg and Moscow

May to Aug 2014
Completed my Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing in Idaho with Vianna Stibal - took over 3 months of full time seminar work

Aug 2014
Got married in Idaho, to the person who introduced me to ThetaHealing 😉

Sep 2014
Took part in the 1st visit of Vianna Stibal to Russia - the introduction of ThetaHealing Instructors seminars to Russia

2014 / 2015
Helped to launch numerous ThetaHealing Elective Seminars, with Mark Anthony, Goran Karna, Sumat & Sumeet Kaul, Hiroyuki Miyazaki 

Helped to launch "Business Course for Healers" seminar run by Hiroyuki Miyazaki

Oct 2015
Took part in the return visit of Vianna Stibal to Russia, her 2nd time

Sep 2016
Took part in the 3rd return of Vianna Stibal to Russia

Sep 2016
Helped to launch the first ever worldwife delivery of the ThetaHealing seminar "Growing Your Relationships Practitioners" by Vianna Stibal

Oct 2017
Took part in the biggest yet series of seminars in Russia with Vianna Stibal's 4th visit to Russia

Oct 2017
Helped to launch the first ever worldwide delivery of the ThetaHealing seminar "Growing Your Relationships Instructors" by Vianna Stibal

Since starting with ThetaHealing in 2012, I have been honoured to work with my wife in promoting ThetaHealing to the Russian audience. In 2014 I was given the opportunity to work with my wife as the "ThetaHealing Representative for Russia", which then changed the following year to "Country Event's Co-Ordinator" and also "Country Information Communicator". We have been instrumental in launching various ThetaHealing seminars, such as "Forgiveness, Love and Power", "Free Yourself from Addictions, Attachments and Vows", "Wealth Consciousness", "Karma Breakthrough", "Family Ties" - all of these run in Russia with our help, and becoming great ThetaHealing seminars which grew in demand world wide after the hard work and promotion we put into it all.

For me it is not about making huge profits, but it is more in sharing the benefits of being able to take part in some pretty dramatic life changing seminars. Being able to say that we introduced a number of these, and that other people worldwide soon followed in hosting the same seminars, means that we had enough faith in the content to promote and back the seminars. And the results for so many people, especially within Russia, have been phenomenal.

Having the honour of introducing Instructors seminars to Russia has been a special privilege. The first ever Basic DNA Instructors Seminar still holds the record for most ThetaHealers who attended a Basic DNA Instructors seminar (close to 300 - but wont tell you the exact number so keep guessing). And being able to see the magical changes that took place in all of these people in the 4 years that Vianna has visited Russia is something that very little else can beat!

The ThetaHealing Technique has benefited me, it has helped my family indirectly, and it has touched many that I have come into contact with in a very positive way. It is not the only system of techniques I know, but it is by far the quickest and most effective way to find out what is going on in the subconscious mind, and to make changes that have instant results. I cant wait for what the future holds.

Thank you for reading more about my journey 🙂