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ThetaHealing® Practitioner Courses

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Practitioner Courses
The courses above are available for anyone who is interested in practising ThetaHealing®.

No Pre-requisites:
You can complete either Rainbow Children or the Basic DNA course without having studied any other courses first.

Pre-requisite training:
Like building a house, you need to complete the foundations before putting up the walls and the roof. Other courses will have pre-requisite course(s) to have been completed first. Natural progression will see you complete Basic DNA2, then Advanced DNA2, then Manifesting & Abundance or Intuitive Anatomy etc.
(There is the option for **World Relations to be taken after completing Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Basic DNA Instructors & Advanced DNA Instructors).

ThetaHealing® Elective Courses

Other courses that are offered as elective courses (in other words they are not required for you to obtain a Certificate of Science...)

No Pre-requisites:
You can complete

  • Soul Mate
  • Helping Children Grow

courses without having studied any other courses first.

Pre-requisite training:
For the following courses you will need to have completed Basic DNA2 AND Advanced DNA2 fist:

  • Rhythm
  • Game of Life
  • That's Digging
  • Nurturing Happy Lives
  • Family Ties

ThetaHealing® Certification Levels

To organise and give a bit of structure to the system, ThetaHealing® has been structured in such a way as to recognise those who have completed specific courses.
The list below represents the current structure:

  • Practitioner
  • Instructor
  • Master
  • Certificate of Science

A very easy way of explaining this is that a Practitioner is certified to provide a session / consultation to anyone.
An Instructor (who is already a Practitioner) is certified to teach others only those courses that they are qualified to instruct.
A Master is someone who is recognised for the amount of personal healing and transformation they have completed.
A Certificate of Science is someone who has progressed through to the level where they have completed all the required courses to be eligible to apply for opening up a ThetaHealing® school.

ThetaHealing® Course Schedule with ThetaPrinciple

The following courses have been scheduled for this year. If you have any queries please dont hesitate to contact the ThetaPrinciple team.