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ThetaHealing® Practitioner Courses

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Practitioner Courses
The courses above are available for anyone who is interested in practising ThetaHealing®.

No Pre-requisites:
You can complete either Rainbow Children or the Basic DNA course without having studied any other courses first.

Pre-requisite training:
Like building a house, you need to complete the foundations before putting up the walls and the roof. Other courses will have pre-requisite course(s) to have been completed first. Natural progression will see you complete Basic DNA2, then Advanced DNA2, then Manifesting & Abundance or Intuitive Anatomy etc.
(There is the option for **World Relations to be taken after completing Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Basic DNA Instructors & Advanced DNA Instructors).

ThetaHealing® Elective Courses

Other courses that are offered as elective courses (in other words they are not required for you to obtain a Certificate of Science...)

No Pre-requisites:
You can complete

  • Soul Mate
  • Helping Children Grow

courses without having studied any other courses first.

Pre-requisite training:
For the following courses you will need to have completed Basic DNA2 AND Advanced DNA2 fist:

  • Rhythm
  • Game of Life
  • That's Digging
  • Nurturing Happy Lives
  • Family Ties

ThetaHealing® Certification Levels

To organise and give a bit of structure to the system, ThetaHealing® has been structured in such a way as to recognise those who have completed specific courses.
The list below represents the current structure:

  • Practitioner
  • Instructor
  • Master
  • Certificate of Science

A very easy way of explaining this is that a Practitioner is certified to provide a session / consultation to anyone.
An Instructor (who is already a Practitioner) is certified to teach others only those courses that they are qualified to instruct.
A Master is someone who is recognised for the amount of personal healing and transformation they have completed.
A Certificate of Science is someone who has progressed through to the level where they have completed all the required courses to be eligible to apply for opening up a ThetaHealing® school.

ThetaHealing® Course Schedule with ThetaPrinciple

The following courses have been scheduled for this year. If you have any queries please dont hesitate to contact the ThetaPrinciple team.

Growing Your Relationships – Part 1 – You & Your Significant Other
Feb 22 @ 7:00 pm – Feb 23 @ 11:00 pm

Can I let you in on a secret ? Back in 2015 when we spoke to Vianna Stibal and she agreed to come to Russia in 2016 to deliver her latest new practitioner seminar, we were really happy to have been able to have some input into the name "Growing Your Relationships". Little did Natalia and I know how true this name would be for so many people that we know, who either were in relationships or were looking to start up new relationships.

This seminar was run for the first time ever in the world in St Petersburg in Russia in 2016 by Vianna Stibal - only as a Practitioner seminar. Then in 2017 we were honoured again to host the first ever Instructor seminar again in Russia in St Petersburg. Maybe that was a sign that we were meant to be part of the process of creating a truly unique and awesome ThetaHealing seminar ?

The main focus of the seminar is growth. It is about you and your significant other. And it share many secrets and tips from Vianna, which she has learnt both through her own relationships, and through working and helping others with their relationships.

For me - it is a special opportunity to be able to share some incredibly simple yet powerful insights about relationships. And especially on how to make things better. By knowing the things that work, it helps you focus on the positive growth of a relationship. And of course - a relationship with a significant other is not easy - it takes work and effort. And the results from putting in the work and the effort are magical.

I met my wife in London in 2012, and some of the information in this seminar relates closely to how we have a great relationship. There are easy times, there are challenging times, and it is so important on how you come out at the end of each thing that happens in your relationship. There is no easy relationship without having an understanding of the fundamentals. There is no easy relationship when it is one sided or under the control of only one person.

Its sharing, caring and working at it that makes the relationship better and better.

And here is your opportunity to find out more, and I would be so happy to be able to share with you some of my own experiences, that will help you improve things for the better!